Company Formation

Starting up a company in Hungary can be done in 2 business days. We can assist you with limited liability company (Kft), private limited company by shares (Zrt) and public limited company by shares (Nyrt) formation in Hungary.

Low Capital Requirements

Corporate Tax is only 9%

Easy Administration

The most popular company format in Hungary

Limited Liability Company (Kft)

  • Must have a capital equivalent or higher than 3 million HUF (cca 7 600 EUR).
    • Capital does not have to be deposited right away.
    • Capital does not have to be 100% cash. 
  • One or multiple owners; owners can be private or legal entities. 
  • Must contract a registered tax accountant

Do you need someone who represents your company in Hungary?

In addition to the above mentioned elements of our service, we offer a custom-tailored appointed managing director solution. It is a quite common case with our clients as many company owners do not live in Hungary and prefers to limit their travel just to manage the everyday business of their Hungarian company. We have a cost efficient and legally safy solution for these scenarios by appointing an acting company representative to your company. Please contact us for further details!

About our packages and prices

All prices shown are excluding the Hungarian VAT (27%). VAT will be added only when applicable. 

Package price includes all the compulsory costs for company formation and the total cost for our services which cover the mandatory requirements (registered address, delivery proxy, etc). No hidden fees. 

Annual Running Expenses include all service costs for one year, billed at the beginning of Year 2.

We are happy to assess your business goals and needs to provide individual pricing as well, please contact us for further details!

See what’s included

Legal Process of the Company Formation

Once we have discussed details and needs of your company as well as your business goals, we’ll prepare every required document for submission. The company registration process can be done in person or via Power of Attorney (POA). Please note that POA might not be possible for some nations’ citizens. Contact us for more information!

  • Founder(s) of the company must sign the company’s constitutive document, which, together with some other documents must be countersigned by a Hungarian attorney.
  • It usually takes no longer than 2 business days to receive the official statement of the Company Registration. 

Hungarian and English Documentation

By the Hungarian law, all documents must be submitted in Hungarian. However, we’ll provide you with an English copy of all documents, translated by a certified translator. We can also provide different language translations if requested.

Local and EU VAT number

Once your company is established by the act of the Court of Registration, it’ll receive its Local and International VAT (tax) number as well as the statistical code. Unlike in many other EU countries, receiving the International VAT number is immediate and comes with no extra cost.

Recommending a Bank for your profile

It is required by the law to open a bank account for your company right after receiving the official statement of the Company Registration. After assessing your business goals and plans we can help you with selecting the best offer for your needs. Please note that in most cases personal presence of the managing director is required to open a bank account. 

Are you looking for full assistance on opening a bank account in Hungary? See our Virtual Office and Full options!

Chamber of Commerce Registration

Once your company is registered, it must sign up at the Chamber of Commerce and pay an annual flat rate fee. All of our Company Formation Packages includes this option, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Delivery Proxy Service

If the Founder does not have an official Hungarian address, a Delivery Proxy with an official Hungarian address must be registered and included in the Company Register. The Delivery Proxy will be responsible for all the official mails to be delivered within 15 days from receiving. This service is included in every package by default.

Registered Address Service

Every Hungarian company is required to have at least one official Hungarian address (headquarter). As part of our services, every package includes this option with a required permission given by the property owner. 

Currently we are offering addresses within Budapest (12th District), the capital of Hungary.

Personal Assistance with Banking

It is required by the law to open a bank account for your company right after receiving the official statement of the Company Registration. After assessing your business goals and plans we can help you with selecting the best offer for your needs. Please note that the physical presence of the managing director is required to open a bank account. Some banks started to allow online bank account opening with video calls, however, this might not be available for all citizenships. Please contact us for further details! 

If you select our Virtual Office or Full package we’ll personally accompany you during the entire process. When choosing this option expect a pre-arranged appointment in the selected bank office. Pre-arranged bank account opening usually takes about 2 hours. 

In some rare cases it is possible to open a bank account under a POA, however it has some extra costs as you’ll need to submit official copies of your documents published by your country’s authorities. It can certainly make the entire process a lot longer and many times significantly more expensive as well.
Please contact us for further details if you cannot make a single-day trip to Hungary. 

Virtual Office Service

We are providing one of the best value virtual office services in Budapest, currently available in English and Hungarian:

  • Hungarian phone number and virtual assistant
  • Opening and forwarding all mails
  • Sending documents to your Hungarian tax accountant
  • Monthly summary sent to your in English
  • If there is any action required by your end, we’ll prepare a file including the matter and the applicable options.

Read more about our Virtual Office Service >>

Client Gateway Registration & Administration 

The Client Gateway is the electronic identification and customer entry system of Hungarian governance. It is currently only available in Hungarian, however, non-Hungarian citizens can register as well. Having a Client Gateway account will make your life a lot easier when doing business in Hungary. Please note that you need to be personally present at the time of registration. 

Once you have a Client Gateway account, we can (under a POA) log in and administer your business for you. Also, it gives you and your company many benefits which would be a lot longer process to obtain without a Client Gateway account:

  • Electronic tax submissions
  • Right to issue electronic invoices
  • Electronic administration of your employees
  • Faster communication with the Hungarian Authorities

Tax Accounting Service

This option is only available with the Full service package. When selecting this service, please note that the actual price of the Tax Accounting Service may vary based on the actual workload. The package price and the annual running expenses include:

  • Payroll calculations for a maximum of two employees
  • Accounting 1 bank account
  • Accounting a total of 240 invoices per year (total of incoming and outcoming invoices)
  • Quarter Finance reports
  • Annual Finance report
  • Annual tax submission

Please contact us for further details and individual pricing.

Customs Service

If you are planning to import or export goods with your Hungarian company, this option will make your life easier. Our Customs Service includes:

  • Initial consulting with customs experts with 20+ years of professional experience
  • Customs administration
  • Customs report in English

Please contact us for further details.

Official Company Register Extract in English

Every package includes an English version of your Company Register, available in electronic and print. However, in some cases (eg. when doing business with other foreign companies) it is required to submit an Official Copy of the Company Register Extract which is countersigned by a Hungarian Attorney and translated by an officially recognized certified translator.

Share companies for larger businesses

Private limited company by shares (Zrt.)

Foreign person may be shareholder (member) and executive officer in a Zrt., but there are some general restrictions towards these people which must be satisfied independently from the nationality of a person.

  • Must have a capital equivalent or higher than 5 million HUF (cca 12 600 EUR).
  • One or multiple owners; owners can be private or legal entities. 
  • The liability of its members is limited to the provision of the nominal or issue value of the shares.
  • Shares may be: ordinary shares, employee shares, interest-bearing shares, redeemable shares, preference shares
  • The supreme body is the General Assembly and the executive body is the Board of Directors.
  • Must contract a registered tax accountant.

Private limited company by shares (Zrt.) formation price starting from 2 690 EUR + VAT.

Public limited company by shares (Nyrt.)

Every Public Limited Company by Shares must be founded as a Private Limited Company by Shares and later converted to Public. This stock company option is only recommended for large business entities with several investors. Hungarian Plc by share companies are required to contract a certified auditor prior the format conversion process.  

The minimum capital requirement of a Hungarian Plc is 20 million HUF (cca 50 500 EUR). 

Please contact us for further details!

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